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Aim noun – Something that one hopes or intends to accomplish.
Usage example: the main aim of a trip to the city is to shop for school clothes, but we always go to the artisans' market, too

Intent is a synonym for aim in intention topic. In some cases you can use "Intent" instead a noun "Aim", when it comes to topics like view, purpose, objective, meaning. popular alternative
Nearby Words: aimed, aiming
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Intent noun – Something that one hopes or intends to accomplish.
Usage example: I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings; that wasn't my intent

Aim is a synonym for intent in intention topic. You can use "Aim" instead a noun "Intent", if it concerns topics such as view, purpose, meaning, planned. popular alternative
Nearby Words: intention, intentional, intently, intending, intension
Synonyms for Intent

How words are described

good good aim good intent
specific specific aim specific intent
original original aim original intent
true true aim true intent
Other adjectives: real, bad, main, deliberate, supposed, ultimate, sole, general, political, apparent, deadly, destructive, primary.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Strip / Popeye Bluto in We Aim to Please orders half a dozen sandwiches (with no intent of paying for them) and, flipping them in the air, gobbles them down like a dog.
  • Video Game / The King of Fighters The original intent was to only aim at men with the female fighters as obvious interests for the average Player Character, but the series proved to be worthy of their time and SNK Playmore started to whore out male fighters for female fans of the franchise as well.
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