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Air noun – A slight or gentle movement of air.
Usage example: we sailed into the bay on a light air and just in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset

Wind is a synonym for air in movement topic. In some cases you can use "Wind" instead the word "Air" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like breeze, breath, gases forming the atmosphere. popular alternative
Nearby Words: airless, airway, airline
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Wind noun – Noticeable movement of air in a particular direction.
Air is a synonym for wind in movement topic. You can use "Air" instead the word "Wind" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as nature, breath, air currents. popular alternative
Nearby Words: windy, winding, windless, windstorm, winder
Synonyms for Wind

How words are described

good good air good wind
pure pure air pure wind
warm warm air warm wind
natural natural air natural wind
Other adjectives: empty, strong, serious, huge, blue, bad, cold, ominous, hot, red, sudden, spinning.

Common collocations

piece air piece wind piece

Both words in one sentence

  • Elemental Powers Air/Wind: The element of change and movement; unpredictably calm one moment and flying into a tempest the next.
  • Does This Remind You Of Anything / Anime and Manga An OVA series, Landlock, focuses on a person being hunted because he has the ability to control the wind/air.
  • Anime / Pokémon Origins With the exception of Persian, each one has an elemental power—Charizard has fire, Lapras has water, both Scyther and Dodrio have air/wind and Jolteon has lightning.
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