Alive and Dead


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Alive adjective – Having or showing life.
Usage example: after crashing into the plate glass window the little bird was not only still alive, it seemed merely dazed

Dead is an antonym for alive in topics: living, being active, being animately existent.
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Dead adjective – No longer living.
Usage example: I inherited this heirloom from my dead great-grandfather

Alive is an antonym for dead in topics: not working, spiritless, deceased, complete, indifferent.
Nearby Word: deadly
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Similar words of alive
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Similar words of dead
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Things that words describes

person alive person dead person
character alive character dead character
hero alive hero dead hero
guy alive guy dead guy
Other nouns: woman, people, girlfriend, member, body, men, characters, mother, father, brother, cat, player, everyone, son, humans, women, souls, animals, members, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon Stephen Colbert suggested that he should be wanted, not dead or alive, but dead and alive, via being cloned repeatedly so they could kill the clones.
  • Useful Notes / Schrödinger's Cat The thing is, after an hour, until the box is open, there is no way to determine whether the cat inside is alive or dead, thus allowing the cat to be both alive and dead.
  • One Bugs Bunny cartoon depicted Bugs as being a wanted fugitive, wanted dead or alive... with the wanted poster explicitly saying "preferably dead."
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