Allow and Disallow


Allow verb - To give permission for or to approve of.
Usage example: flash photography is not allowed inside the church

Disallow is an antonym for allow in topics: permit, set aside, admit, permit an action.

Nearby Words: allowance, allowable, allowing


Disallow verb - To declare not to be true.
Usage example: disallowing the philosophical concept of free will

Allow is an antonym for disallow in reject topic.

Nearby Words: disallowance, disallowing

Common collocations

violence allow violence disallow violence
sort allow sort disallow sort
use allow use disallow use
travel allow travel disallow travel
Other words: player, abilities, pets.

Both words in one sentence

  • Should high score threads for the game on Shoot 'em Up forums allow or disallow it?
  • Due to the author creating an entirely different template for the work of fiction, they can set up the rules of The Verse that allow or disallow particular tropes or characteristics.
    Source: Canon Sue
  • The rule is obscure and outdated or little used, but it's dusted off because it can allow or disallow a course of action.
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