Allow and Keep


Allow verb - To give permission for or to approve of.
Usage example: flash photography is not allowed inside the church

Keep is an antonym for allow in topics: set aside, admit, permit an action.

Nearby Words: allowance, allowable, allowing


Keep verb - Stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state.
Usage example: Keep the child from eating the marbles

Allow is an antonym for keep in prevent topic.

Nearby Words: keeping, keeper

Common collocations

power allow power keep power
life allow life keep life
people allow people keep people
balance allow balance keep balance
Other words: name, control, time, way, characters, world, game, anyone, names, players, powers, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Faux Flame Instead, they're what allow him to instantaneously heal and keep fighting akin to his devil fruit's namesake.
    Source: Faux Flame
  • Possibly the reason why he always asks older girls if they like them is to allow him to keep hitting on them.
  • Useful Notes / Tsarist Russia Peter the Great disagreed and banned them as part of his reforms although he was forced to allow priests to keep theirs so that they became Holy Beards instead.
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