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Amass verb – To bring together in one body or place.
Usage example: amassed a truckload of donations in the course of their canned food drive

Gather is a synonym for amass in collect topic. In some cases you can use "Gather" instead a verb "Amass", when it comes to topics like store, accumulate. popular alternative
Nearby Word: amassing
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Gather verb – To bring together in one body or place.
Usage example: let's gather the students and have them line up on the playground before going in from recess

Amass is a synonym for gather in collect topic. You can use "Amass" instead a verb "Gather", if it concerns topics such as store, accumulate, come or bring together. popular alternative
Nearby Words: gathering, gathered, gatherer
Synonyms for Gather

Common collocations

party amass party gather party
energy amass energy gather energy
power amass power gather power
group amass group gather group
Other nouns: knowledge, bunch, amount, following, number, material, army, gold, resources, money, evidence, points, stones, weapons, stars, amounts, allies, armies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You'd need to gather all of the loot in the first map and maybe some of the second to amass the amount needed.
  • Videogame / Eldritch Item Farming: As enemies respawn and always carry a few artifacts, bullets, or keys, the safest way to gather enough of them is to randomly wander in the first and second levels (which only harbour the weakest enemies) to amass enough of this.
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