Ambiguity and Equivocation


Ambiguity noun - The quality or state of having a veiled or uncertain meaning.
Usage example: the ambiguity of the clairvoyant's messages from the deceased allowed the grieving relatives to interpret them however they wished

Equivocation is a synonym for ambiguity in clear topic. In some cases you can use "Equivocation" instead a noun "Ambiguity", when it comes to topics like vagueness, ambivalence, uncertainty of meaning. popular alternative

Nearby Words: ambiguous, ambiguously


Equivocation noun - Deliberate evasion in speech.
Usage example: your equivocation when asked where you were last night is not reassuring

Ambiguity is a synonym for equivocation in clear topic. You can use "Ambiguity" instead a noun "Equivocation", if it concerns topics such as prevarication, avoidance of an issue. popular alternative

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