Amount and Quantity


Amount noun - A given or particular mass or aggregate of matter.
Usage example: is this small amount of food supposed to feed the whole hockey team?

Quantity is a synonym for amount in extent topic. In some cases you can use "Quantity" instead a noun "Amount", when it comes to topics like big. popular alternative

Nearby Words: amounting, amounted


Quantity noun - A given or particular mass or aggregate of matter.
Usage example: they prepared a huge quantity of mashed potatoes for the feast

Amount is a synonym for quantity in extent topic. You can use "Amount" instead a noun "Quantity", if it concerns topics such as big. popular alternative

How words are described

good good amount good quantity
high high amount high quantity
equal equal amount equal quantity
exact exact amount exact quantity
Other adjectives: fixed, certain, infinite, substantial, fair, sheer, obscene, small, massive, large, great, enormous, huge, tiny, decent, incredible, limited, significant, ludicrous, ridiculous, vast, maximum, finite, inordinate, sizable.

Both words in one sentence

  • ARQUIUSPRITE: My god... The power... It's... It's over... IT IS E%CEEDING A CERTAIN AMOUNT IN QUANTITY
    Source: Power Levels
  • The only place you will regularly see $2 bills are in strip clubs, since punters like to be seen throwing around large amounts of money, and... well, a punter throwing around a quantity of $2 bills mean twice as much as income as if the punter throws around an equal amount of singles.
    Source: Rare Money
  • Fewer (smaller in quantity) and less (smaller in amount) are often confused.
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