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Amusing adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Witty is a synonym for amusing in entertaining topic. In some cases you can use "Witty" instead an adjective "Amusing", when it comes to topics like funny. popular alternative
Nearby Words: amusement, amuse, amusingly, amused, amusedly
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Witty adjective – Given to or marked by mature intelligent humor.
Usage example: he's well-known for his witty retorts

Amusing is a synonym for witty in humorous topic. You can use "Amusing" instead an adjective "Witty", if it concerns topics such as funny and clever. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wit, witting, witticism, wittily, wittingly
Synonyms for Witty

Things that words describes

response amusing response witty response
manner amusing manner witty manner
style amusing style witty style
line amusing line witty line
Other nouns: way, commentary, comment, conversation, dialogue, banter, comedy, stories, jokes, quips, comments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Animation / Madness Combat However, the smooth animation, witty and amusing kills, and unique art style made the series an instant hit, and the newfound fandom begged for more.As more episodes were added, a subtle storyline slowly developed, though what it all means is one of the most heavily disputed subjects in the fandom.
  • The dialogue is witty and charming, the story is original and amusing much of the time, and all the characters are completely in character.
  • Most Annoying Sound That witty banter is amusing at first, not so much when you hear it for the umpteenth time.
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