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Ancestry noun – The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: a Cambodian immigrant who can trace her Khmer ancestry as far back as the 16th century

Origin is a synonym for ancestry in kin topic. In some cases you can use "Origin" instead a noun "Ancestry", when it comes to topics like lineage, start, bloodline, blood line. popular alternative
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Origin noun – The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: they could trace their origins back 15 generations

Ancestry is a synonym for origin in family topic. You can use "Ancestry" instead a noun "Origin", if it concerns topics such as kin, cause, descent, bloodline. popular alternative
Nearby Words: original, originality, origination, originated, originally
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How words are described

human human ancestry human origin
similar similar ancestry similar origin
common common ancestry common origin
alien alien ancestry alien origin
Other adjectives: true, divine, native, actual, supernatural, possible, indeterminate, foreign, demonic, ethnic, Indian, European, Hispanic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / All the Little Germanies As a result, almost every monarchy in Europe had/has some minor German prince in the ancestry—if indeed the royal family wasn't already of German origin (such as The House of Hanover).
  • A modern-day retelling of his origin retconned him to actually having Hispanic ancestry.
    Source: Fauxreigner
  • Comic Book / Vandal Savage It helps that he's of Cro-Magnon origin, and that Genghis Khan (who was of Mongoloid ancestry) was said to be one of his conquering aliases in history.
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