Angel and Devil


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Angel noun – An innocent or gentle person.
Usage example: would like to think that her child is a perfect angel

Devil is an antonym for angel in topics: sweet, demon, attendant of god.
Nearby Words: angelic, angelical, angelically, angelica, angelia
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Devil noun – An evil spirit.
Usage example: acted as if possessed by some devil

Angel is an antonym for devil in demon topic.
Nearby Words: devious, devilish, devilry, devilment, devilishly
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Similar words of angel
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Similar words of devil
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How words are described

old old angel old devil
good good angel good devil
typical typical angel typical devil
original original angel original devil
Other adjectives: true, half, single, powerful, actual, real, male, tiny, black, rogue, personal, defeated, traditional, former, classic, titular, literal, giant, resident, eponymous, aka.

Both words in one sentence

  • Good Wings, Evil Wings Mixing angel and devil wings represents a fallen angel or mixed angel/devil heritage almost all the time.
  • Good Angel Bad Angel / Western Animation The angel and devil appear to advise him on what to do with it, but instead of being mini versions of himself, the angel is Fat Albert and the devil is Rudy.
  • Good Angel Bad Angel / Western Animation In some old Disney shorts with Pluto, Pluto has an angel and a devil, who were both dogs like himself; angel dog wore a halo and devil dog wore horns and a red cape.
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