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Angry adjective – Feeling or showing anger.
Usage example: my sister gets really angry and practically throws a tantrum if her soccer team loses

Furious is a synonym for angry in manner topic. In some cases you can use "Furious" instead an adjective "Angry", when it comes to topics like state, heated, angered, burned up. popular alternative
Nearby Words: anger, angrily
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Furious adjective – Feeling or showing anger.
Usage example: a furious customer demanding to see the manager

Angry is a synonym for furious in manner topic. You can use "Angry" instead an adjective "Furious", if it concerns topics such as state, angered, burned up. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fury, furiously
Synonyms for Furious

Things that words describes

reaction angry reaction furious reaction
response angry response furious response
man angry man furious man
speech angry speech furious speech
Other nouns: look, glare, mob, parents, army, bear, face, expression, owner, mother, rant, tirade, ranting, father, cat, ghosts, rants.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / SourceFed Berserk Button: Whenever the news is about someone harmful to children, Joe tends to be the most vocal (read angry/furious) about it.
  • Characters / Disgaea: Hour of Darkness She's normally sweet and loving, but when something makes her angry, she gets furious.
  • Frasier's initially furious at not being at least acknowledged, but eventually realises he's actually angry about how the relationship ended.
    Source: Muse Abuse
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