Annoying and Displeasing


Annoying adjective - Causing annoyance.
Usage example: my partner has the annoying habit of eating all the pickles and leaving a jar full of pickle juice in the refrigerator

Displeasing is a synonym for annoying in irritating topic. In some cases you can use "Displeasing" instead an adjective "Annoying", when it comes to topics like offensive.

Nearby Words: annoy, annoyed, annoyance


Displeasing adjective - Not giving pleasure to the mind or senses.
Usage example: the new hotel is a displeasing mix of architectural styles

Annoying is a synonym for displeasing in unpleasant topic. You can use "Annoying" instead an adjective "Displeasing", if it concerns topics such as offensive.

Nearby Words: displease, displeasure, displeased
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