Annul and Invalidate


Annul verb - To balance with an equal force so as to make ineffective.
Usage example: unfortunately, his arrogant attitude annuls the many generous favors he does for people

Invalidate is a synonym for annul in nullify topic. In some cases you can use "Invalidate" instead a verb "Annul", when it comes to topics like continue, abolish, cancel, void. popular alternative

Nearby Words: annulment, annulled, annulling


Invalidate verb - To put an end to by formal action.
Usage example: those nations eventually invalidated their trade agreement

Annul is a synonym for invalidate in nullify topic. You can use "Annul" instead a verb "Invalidate", if it concerns topics such as action, continue, abolish, cancel. popular alternative

Common collocations

marriage annul marriage invalidate marriage
contract annul contract invalidate contract
rule annul rule invalidate rule
charter annul charter invalidate charter
Other words: wedding.
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