Anomaly and Rarity


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Anomaly noun – Something that is different from what is ordinary or expected.
Usage example: her C grade is an anomaly, as she's never made anything except A's and B's before

Rarity is a synonym for anomaly in usual topic. In some cases you can use "Rarity" instead a noun "Anomaly", when it comes to topics like irregularity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: anomalous, anomalistic, anomalously
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Rarity noun – Something strange or unusual that is an object of interest.
Usage example: an American visitor in that remote Chinese village is a rarity

Anomaly is a synonym for rarity in curiosity topic. You can use "Anomaly" instead a noun "Rarity", if it concerns topics such as rarefied thing. popular alternative
Nearby Words: rare, rarely, rareness
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How words are described

natural natural anomaly natural rarity
real real anomaly real rarity
huge huge anomaly huge rarity
major major anomaly major rarity
Other adjectives: possible, odd, historical.

Both words in one sentence

  • It was just an Acid Reflux Nightmare Derpy had from eating a Zap Apple, though Flat "What.": Rarity's reaction to AJ declaring she's headed to Manehatten to hobnob with all the snobs in "The Flank Anomaly".
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