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Answer noun – Something spoken or written in reaction especially to a question.
Usage example: the standard answer of “Fine, thank you” when asked, “How are you?”

Question is an antonym for answer in topics: reply, solve.
Nearby Words: answered, answering, answerable, answerer, answerback
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Question noun – An interrogative expression often used to test knowledge.
Usage example: because I have missed so many classes, I had a hard time answering every question on today's surprise quiz

Answer is an antonym for question in topics: inquiry, issue, doubt, controversy, ask for answer.
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
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How words are described

exact exact answer exact question
particular particular answer particular question
better better answer better question
common common answer common question
Other adjectives: right, direct, original, reasonable, single, obvious, simple, stupid, actual, real, serious, wrong, quick, easy, possible, final, next, last, different, previous.

Common collocations

word answer word question word
way answer way question way

Both words in one sentence

  • Disney / Zootopia Before Judy takes the podium at a press conference, Nick coaches her not to answer the reporters' questions directly, but rather to respond with another question and answer that instead.
  • You Answered Your Own Question When Bob asks a question and the answer to the question is actually part of it.
  • The implication is that it doesn't matter because both the question and the answer are meaningless.
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