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Answer noun – Something spoken or written in reaction especially to a question.
Request is an antonym for answer in topics: question, reply.
Nearby Words: answered, answering, answerable, answerer, answerback
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Request noun – An act or instance of asking for information.
Usage example: the medical columnist is unable to answer individual requests for specific information on various disorders

Answer is an antonym for request in topics: ask for, reply, question or petition.
Nearby Words: requested, requester, requesting, requestor
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Similar words of answer
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Similar words of request
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How words are described

direct direct answer direct request
original original answer original request
reasonable reasonable answer reasonable request
single single answer single request
Other adjectives: simple, stupid, popular, actual, quick, easy, final, official, next, bizarre, last, latter, different, previous.

Common collocations

series answer series request series
money answer money request money

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Shrek 2 Also possibly unintentional, when Fairy Godmother's receptionist, Jerome, exasperatedly presses the PA button to answer to her meal request, he does it with his middle finger.
  • Manga / Re-Kan! The teacher tries again, and once again the ghost and the cat answer, with yet another request for a Panty Shot.
  • Video Game / Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Multiple Endings Depending on your alignment and how you choose to answer the calculator's request.
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