Apathy and Indifference


Apathy noun - A lack of emotion or emotional expressiveness.
Usage example: the apathy of the people of that war-torn country comes from their having seen too many horrors

Indifference is a synonym for apathy in lack of interest topic. In some cases you can use "Indifference" instead a noun "Apathy", when it comes to topics like self-possession, smugness, nonchalance, dullness. popular alternative

Nearby Words: apathetic, apathetically


Indifference noun - Lack of interest or concern.
Usage example: an alarming indifference toward the well-being of his own children

Apathy is a synonym for indifference in interest topic. You can use "Apathy" instead a noun "Indifference", if it concerns topics such as disregard, self-possession, smugness, nonchalance. popular alternative

Nearby Words: indifferent, indifferently

How words are described

burning burning apathy burning indifference
usual usual apathy usual indifference
public public apathy public indifference
utter utter apathy utter indifference
Other adjectives: total, mild, initial, seeming, relative, critical, sheer, open, dull, dry, massive, extreme, serious, absolute, social, widespread, general, apparent, outright, growing, bureaucratic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Wild Kratts Most of the villains' mistreatment of animals is out of apathy and indifference to the creatures' well-being than outright sadism.
  • Black Comedy The narrator doesn't seem to have much of a conscious with this however, and her mild indifference and apathy towards some of the darker elements of Equestrian history, even poking fun at them at times, would certainly qualify for this trope.
    Source: Black Comedy
  • Film / The Quick and the Dead On the other hand, they do hire a gunman to kill Herod; their indifference is more a survival tactic than actual apathy.
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