Apparatus and Machine


Apparatus noun - Items needed for the performance of a task or activity.
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Synonyms for Apparatus

Machine is a synonym for apparatus in equipment topic. In some cases you can use "Machine" instead a noun "Apparatus", when it comes to topics like machinery, appliance, building block, equipment with a purpose. popular alternative


Machine noun - A device that changes energy into mechanical motion.
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Synonyms for Machine

Apparatus is a synonym for machine in machinery topic. You can use "Apparatus" instead a noun "Machine", if it concerns topics such as appliance, building block, device that performs a task. popular alternative

How words are described

special special apparatus special machine
complex complex apparatus complex machine
powerful powerful apparatus powerful machine
actual actual apparatus actual machine
Other adjectives: entire, massive, large, little, secret, experimental, advanced, mechanical, flying, strange, different, giant, red, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Real Life / Cool Plane The Short Sunderland was a big-ass flying boat which bristled with both radar apparatus and machine-guns.
  • Justified in that it was a machine, and its vocal apparatus (designed in the 19th-century) could only say that one word.
  • So, they build a giant corpse-mangling apparatus called the Blood Machine.
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