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Apparatus noun – Items needed for the performance of a task or activity.
Rig is a synonym for apparatus in equipment topic. In some cases you can use "Rig" instead a noun "Apparatus", when it comes to topics like means.
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Rig noun – A horse-drawn wheeled vehicle for carrying passengers.
Apparatus is a synonym for rig in equipment topic. You can use "Apparatus" instead a noun "Rig", if it concerns topics such as means.
Nearby Word: rigging
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special special apparatus special rig
elaborate elaborate apparatus elaborate rig
complex complex apparatus complex rig
proper proper apparatus proper rig
Other adjectives: entire, experimental, advanced, mechanical, military, flying, strange, modern, underwater.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tastes Like Purple In Soul Music, Ponder manages to rig up a magical apparatus to let the wizards see sound waves.
  • Series / Chicago Fire Squad 3's rig looks nothing like an actual CFD Rescue Squad apparatus.
  • Series / MacGyver Mac spends most of the episode disarming the bomb, and when he finally disarms it a set of blinking LEDs switch off and the apparatus falls silent... but the real bomb is underneath the entire rig (which was merely a detonator) and still ticking.
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