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Apparent adjective – Capable of being seen.
Usage example: as the fog lifts, the town in the valley below us will become more apparent

Patent is a synonym for apparent in obvious topic. In some cases you can use "Patent" instead an adjective "Apparent", when it comes to topics like characteristic, see, plain as day, unmistakable. popular alternative
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Patent adjective – Not subject to misinterpretation or more than one interpretation.
Usage example: unfortunately, the patent stupidity of the proposal did not deter the city council from putting it up for a vote

Apparent is a synonym for patent in obvious topic. You can use "Apparent" instead an adjective "Patent", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, see, unconcealed, plain as day. popular alternative
Nearby Words: patently, patented, paten, patency, patentee
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  • Series / Orphan Black There's also the fact that patents in Canada expire twenty years after the application, so the apparent age of the clones suggests that it would already have run out-assuming they actually went to the patent office and registered their cloning methods.
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