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Appearance noun – The act of coming upon a scene.
Usage example: his appearance at the party caused considerable speculation

Coming is a synonym for appearance in arrival topic. In some cases you can use "Coming" instead a noun "Appearance", when it comes to topics like presence, start, advent, coming into sight. popular alternative
Nearby Words: appear, appeared, appearing
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Coming noun – The act of coming upon a scene.
Usage example: the coming of the children meant we could finally get the party started

Appearance is a synonym for coming in approach topic. You can use "Appearance" instead a noun "Coming", if it concerns topics such as presence, start, advent. popular alternative
Nearby Word: come
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How words are described

female female appearance female coming
full full appearance full coming
similar similar appearance similar coming
short short appearance short coming
Other adjectives: standard, true, actual, real, beautiful, personal, general, final, unusual, odd, next, last, previous, overall, demonic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Doppelgänger Replacement Love Interest It's implied that Gabriella knew of this coming meeting and used the woman's appearance in order to prime Sean for a relationship with her.
  • Frankenstein's Monster In the Kingdom Hearts series, whenever he is in Halloween Town, Goofy will take on an appearance similar to Frankenstein's Monster, including a screw coming out of his head.
  • Coming-of-Age Story: Many of the series' heroes are teenagers at their first appearance, and the stories follow their growth into adulthood as much as their progress on The Quest.
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