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Appearance noun – Outward and often deceptive indication.
Usage example: can't you at least give the appearance of listening to what I say?

Display is a synonym for appearance in minor concession topic. In some cases you can use "Display" instead a noun "Appearance", when it comes to topics like coming into sight.
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Display noun – A public showing of objects of interest.
Appearance is a synonym for display in minor concession topic. Sometimes you can use "Appearance" instead a noun "Display".
Nearby Words: displayed, displaying
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How words are described

rare rare appearance rare display
full full appearance full display
usual usual appearance usual display
brief brief appearance brief display
Other adjectives: public, complete, standard, single, prominent, small, actual, real, beautiful, animated, unexpected, subsequent, occasional, visual, earlier, sudden, creepy, on-screen.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Oglaf Her first appearance involved her mocking a prison guard through a (clothed) sexual display with Vanka.
  • The Tramp's first appearance on film was Kid Auto Races at Venice, where the Tramp does not display much of his trademark personality.
  • Anime / HeartCatch Pretty Cure! In nearly every subsequent appearance, they break instantly to display how powerful the enemy's attack is.
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