Applied and Theoretical


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Applied adjective – Capable of being put to use or account.
Usage example: used some applied psychology to get the teenager to become more responsible

Theoretical is an antonym for applied.
Nearby Words: apply, application, applicable, applying
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Theoretical adjective – Concerned with theories rather than their practical applications.
Usage example: theoretical physics

Applied is an antonym for theoretical in practical topic.
Nearby Words: theory, theoretic, theoretically, theorist, theoretician
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  • Young Stein asks them if they are more interested in theoretical or applied physics.
  • Hot Scientist While she's not an accredited scientist, her big brain allows Seven Of Nine to function as Voyager's resident theoretical and applied physicist.
    Source: Hot Scientist
  • That's why any self-respecting practitioner of theoretical or applied science, mathematician or philosopher will refuse to study samples, examine specimens or patients, look through a microscope, make calculations or even read - in silence.
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