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Apply verb – Ask (for something).
Usage example: apply for a job

Request is a synonym for apply in enquire after topic. In some cases you can use "Request" instead a verb "Apply".
Nearby Words: application, applied, applicable, applying
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Request verb – To make a request for.
Usage example: request extra ketchup for my fries

Apply is a synonym for request in activity topic. You can use "Apply" instead a verb "Request", if it concerns topics such as ask for.
Nearby Words: requested, requester, requesting, requestor
Synonyms for Request

Common collocations

job apply job request job
aid apply aid request aid

Both words in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide Her American citizenship came into play when Misato uses Asuka's US passport to request protection from the American government and apply for refugee status.
  • However, if you actually apply the key to the messages sent and received in the chapter, you'll see that the message a character claims is a rejection of a merger request is actually an approval of the merger.
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