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Appreciate verb – To have a clear idea of.
Usage example: I hope you appreciate just how much that collector's CD costs

Grasp is a synonym for appreciate in believe topic. In some cases you can use "Grasp" instead a verb "Appreciate", when it comes to topics like comprehend, understand, know, recognize worth.
Nearby Words: appreciation, appreciative, appreciable, appreciating
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Grasp verb – To have a practical understanding of.
Usage example: he just doesn't grasp how important it is that he call when he'll be late

Appreciate is a synonym for grasp in understand topic. You can use "Appreciate" instead a verb "Grasp", if it concerns topics such as believe, comprehend, know.
Nearby Words: grasping, grasped, grasper
Synonyms for Grasp

Common collocations

ability appreciate ability grasp ability
idea appreciate idea grasp idea
value appreciate value grasp value
significance appreciate significance grasp significance
Other nouns: nature, form, fact, seriousness, gesture, nuances.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Secret Weapons Over Normandy All There in the Manual: In order to truly grasp and appreciate the significance and history of the aircraft and the missions they flew, the player had to go in with at least some background knowledge in WWII already.
  • Captain Obvious: Sidonis doesn't appreciate this.Sidonis: Your grasp of the obvious is a fucking inspiration to our children.
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