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Apprehensive adjective – Having specified facts or feelings actively impressed on the mind.
Nervous is a synonym for apprehensive in anxious topic. In some cases you can use "Nervous" instead an adjective "Apprehensive", when it comes to topics like concerned, overly suspicious. popular alternative
Nearby Words: apprehend, apprehension, apprehended, apprehensively, apprehensible
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Nervous adjective – Feeling or showing uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty.
Usage example: he was nervous about how he would do at the varsity basketball tryouts

Apprehensive is a synonym for nervous in anxious topic. You can use "Apprehensive" instead an adjective "Nervous", if it concerns topics such as concerned, timid, overly suspicious. popular alternative
Nearby Words: nerve, nervy, nervously
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look apprehensive look nervous look
expression apprehensive expression nervous expression

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  • A Man Is Always Eager He's never nervous or apprehensive about how the first time will go, just excited about the fact that he'll actually be having sex.
  • All his friends are depending on him, and time is running out, but he still may be a little nervous and apprehensive.
  • Series / Star Trek: Voyager No, Except Yes: An away team explores a derelict Borg cube in "Unity":B'Elanna: It's like a Ghost Ship.Tuvok: Allowing yourself to become apprehensive can only be counterproductive, Lieutenant.B'Elanna: I'm not being apprehensive, Tuvok, I'm just nervous as hell.
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