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Approach noun – The means or procedure for doing something.
Usage example: that's a different approach to knitting, but it seems to work

Style is a synonym for approach in method topic. In some cases you can use "Style" instead a noun "Approach", when it comes to topics like way, resolution.
Nearby Words: approaching, approachable, approached
Synonyms for Approach


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Style noun – The means or procedure for doing something.
Usage example: unfortunately, the club president's usual style is to make decisions without asking anyone's advice or approval

Approach is a synonym for style in manner topic. You can use "Approach" instead a noun "Style", if it concerns topics such as fashion, method.
Nearby Words: stylish, styling, styled, stylized, sty
Synonyms for Style

How words are described

similar similar approach similar style
normal normal approach normal style
typical typical approach typical style
usual usual approach usual style
Other adjectives: common, standard, brutal, simple, entire, dark, novel, personal, new, unique, traditional, general, aggressive, classic, unusual, basic, different, realistic, modern, overall, minimalist, comedic.

Common collocations

life approach life style life

Both words in one sentence

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