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Appropriate verb – To take or make use of under a guise of authority but without actual right.
Usage example: archaeologists once freely appropriated artifacts excavated at ancient African sites for their museums in Europe

Steal is a synonym for appropriate in poach topic. In some cases you can use "Steal" instead a verb "Appropriate", when it comes to topics like criminality.
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Steal verb – To take (something) without right and with an intent to keep.
Usage example: the guy who tried to steal my car was sentenced to a year in jail

Appropriate is a synonym for steal in copy topic. You can use "Appropriate" instead a verb "Steal", if it concerns topics such as purloin, plagiarize, take something without permission.
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Synonyms for Steal

Common collocations

life appropriate life steal life
identity appropriate identity steal identity

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Scar Environmental Symbolism: The city of Armada is a congealed mass of ships, which is perfectly appropriate given that its inhabitants steal almost everything they need.
  • However, doing so lets one of them steal back a woman from Robin, and gets the other out of the family curse, so the cheery, bouncy music is actually highly appropriate.
  • Video Game / Final Fantasy Tactics Eventually, however, you will encounter humans in random battles with much more appropriate (and sometimes top-class) equipment that you can then steal from them.
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