Approval and Blessing


Approval noun - An acceptance of something as satisfactory.
Usage example: does this dress I bought for the wedding meet with your approval?

Blessing is a synonym for approval in consent topic. In some cases you can use "Blessing" instead a noun "Approval", when it comes to topics like authorization. popular alternative


Blessing noun - An acceptance of something as satisfactory.
Usage example: Mr. Roberts promptly gave his blessing to his daughter's choice of husband

Approval is a synonym for blessing in sanction topic. You can use "Approval" instead a noun "Blessing", if it concerns topics such as courtesy, praise. popular alternative

How words are described

full full approval full blessing
similar similar approval similar blessing
specific specific approval specific blessing
direct direct approval direct blessing
Other adjectives: complete, divine, small, massive, personal, major, reluctant, final, apparent, tacit, outright, mixed.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The Crusades Nevertheless, here is an overview of the more important crusades―the first through the fifth, which had the approval and blessing of the then reigning Popes, to get you started.
  • Wrestling / El Santo There was also an unrelated female wrestler who went by La Novia Del Santo (The Bride Of El Santo, known as Irma González without the mask) who used the persona with Santo's blessing, and a male homosexual wrestler with the same name, who did not have his approval.
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