Aptitude and Capacity


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Aptitude noun – A special and usually inborn ability.
Usage example: has an aptitude for math

Capacity is a synonym for aptitude in ability topic. In some cases you can use "Capacity" instead a noun "Aptitude", when it comes to topics like gift, faculty, quickness at learning. popular alternative
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Capacity noun – The physical or mental power to do something.
Usage example: not everyone has the capacity for learning higher math

Aptitude is a synonym for capacity in ability topic. You can use "Aptitude" instead a noun "Capacity", if it concerns topics such as potential, competence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: capability, capacious, capaciousness, capacitance, capacitor
Synonyms for Capacity

How words are described

high high aptitude high capacity
physical physical aptitude physical capacity
low low aptitude low capacity
better better aptitude better capacity
Other adjectives: similar, natural, average, sheer, poor, small, actual, real, massive, great, huge, lower, innate, incredible, highest, amazing, greater, higher, magical, technological.

Both words in one sentence

  • Another Dimension In Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Saga and Kanon's predecessors display similar aptitude in the art and actually uses it at one point to rob a Physical God of the capacity to control time by simply transporting both of them to a dimension where time doesn't exist.
  • Literature / The Magicians Muggles: Most people simply don't have the particular aptitude for magic: either they're not intelligent enough, they don't have the capacity for spellcasting, or they simply weren't able to pass the entrance exam.
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