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Arduous adjective – Requiring considerable physical or mental effort.
Usage example: climbing Mount Everest is an arduous, exhausting challenge

Difficult is a synonym for arduous in hard topic. In some cases you can use "Difficult" instead an adjective "Arduous", when it comes to topics like property, heavy, oppressive, onerous. popular alternative
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Difficult adjective – Requiring considerable physical or mental effort.
Usage example: difficult questions on the exam that required analytical thinking

Arduous is a synonym for difficult in hard topic. You can use "Arduous" instead an adjective "Difficult", if it concerns topics such as property, heavy, oppressive, burdensome. popular alternative
Nearby Word: difficulty
Synonyms for Difficult

Things that words describes

process arduous process difficult process
training arduous training difficult training
question arduous question difficult question
route arduous route difficult route
Other nouns: level, task, journey, dungeon, fight, battle, boss, quest, exam, battles, tasks, quests.

Both words in one sentence

  • Development Hell: Apparently averted with Autotheism; its conception wasn't particularly difficult or arduous, just long.
  • The canon gets difficult to track and sifting through the posts becomes arduous.
  • It's slow, difficult to maneuver and anything but indestructible, which is bad news for non-fans of going all the way back to the beginning of the long, arduous level if the Void Droid gets scrapped before it can cross the level and open an otherwise impassable door.
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