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Area noun – A part or portion having no fixed boundaries.
District is a synonym for area in region topic. In some cases you can use "District" instead the word "Area" as a noun or an adjective, when it comes to topics like territory, precinct, neighborhood, neighbourhood. popular alternative
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District noun – An area (as of a city) set apart for some purpose or having some special feature.
Usage example: Independence Hall in Philadelphia's historic district

Area is a synonym for district in neighbourhood topic. You can use "Area" instead the word "District" as a noun or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as place, section, space, expanse. popular alternative
Nearby Words: districted, districting
Synonyms for District

How words are described

full full area full district
special special area special district
particular particular area particular district
specific specific area specific district
Other adjectives: certain, single, small, entire, large, huge, main, rural, new, major, underground, fictional, different, local, urban, industrial, residential, largest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Meaning: If you work in the area (which is a central business district in Real Life), don't bother coming in.
  • Friendly Local Chinatown Known as Concessions of Tianjin, the area saw similar history as the Shanghai one, although the buildings are preserved and serve as the old district of Tianjin.
  • Video Game / inFAMOUS Before the blast, Neon City was the commercial district, the Warren were the slums and the Historic District was the wealthy residential area.
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