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Arms noun – Weapons considered collectively.
Weapons is a synonym for arms in weaponry topic. In some cases you can use "Weapons" instead a noun "Arms". popular alternative
Synonyms for Arms


Defintions of Weapons not found.
Arms is a synonym for weapons. You can use "Arms" instead a noun "Weapons". popular alternative
Synonyms for Weapons

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  • Vichy Earth Even in The Race's headquarters city in Egypt, they're routinely harassed and shot at with small arms and weapons larger than small arms.
    Source: Vichy Earth
  • Conspiracy Placement In The Conduit, finding the seals of The Trust leads the player to secret caches with One-Hit Kill weapons and arms.
  • Nightmarish Factory The boss is a flying alien-looking fetus thing inside a case with mechanical arms and weapons attached to it.
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