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Arrange verb – To work out the details of (something) in advance.
Usage example: we need to arrange our European vacation so that we can get the best deals

Prepare is a synonym for arrange in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Prepare" instead a verb "Arrange", when it comes to topics like plan, modify, planned, make plans. popular alternative
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Prepare verb – To make ready in advance.
Usage example: we prepared the classroom for the important visitors by getting rid of some unsightly clutter

Arrange is a synonym for prepare in make or get ready topic. You can use "Arrange" instead a verb "Prepare", if it concerns topics such as modify, make ready, planned. popular alternative
Nearby Words: prepared, preparation, prep, preparing, preparedness
Synonyms for Prepare

Common collocations

party arrange party prepare party
attack arrange attack prepare attack
people arrange people prepare people
peace arrange peace prepare peace
Other nouns: show, way, plan, escape, dinner, bodies.

Both words in one sentence

  • It May Help You on Your Quest He did arrange for his manservant Wong to prepare Spider-Man a sack lunch... which contained, along with a ham sandwich, three small stones which could be used to transport someone to an uninhabited dimension.
  • Contrary to how it is portrayed, an engagement should not be thought of as an extended dating phase; more realistically it is the time period it takes to arrange your wedding (the planning itself may take months) and prepare to integrate your lives while you make the ultimate Relationship Upgrade.
  • Cepters arrange them into Books (in-universe terminology for a deck) about the same way you would expect a Dungeons & Dragons wizard would prepare their spells for the day.
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