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Arrangement noun – A method worked out in advance for achieving some objective.
Usage example: will work out a visitation arrangement in court

Pattern is a synonym for arrangement in occurrence topic. In some cases you can use "Pattern" instead a noun "Arrangement", when it comes to topics like model, structure, display, settlement. popular alternative
Nearby Words: arrange, arranged, arranging, arranger
Synonyms for Arrangement


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Pattern noun – The way in which the elements of something (as a work of art) are arranged.
Usage example: many of the artist's paintings use the same pattern of a lone figure surrounded by a vast landscape

Arrangement is a synonym for pattern in design topic. You can use "Arrangement" instead a noun "Pattern", if it concerns topics such as occurrence, order, system, structure. popular alternative
Nearby Words: patter, patterned, patterning, pattering, patten
Synonyms for Pattern

How words are described

old old arrangement old pattern
special special arrangement special pattern
exact exact arrangement exact pattern
particular particular arrangement particular pattern
Other adjectives: similar, typical, usual, common, specific, right, complex, certain, current, standard, original, circular, simple, entire, new, unique, possible, unusual, random, odd, strange, different, floral.

Both words in one sentence

  • This three-then-two pattern matches the arrangement of the gravestones, and you're supposed to mentally superimpose the two, then push the graves in the order of the numbers.
  • Law of Chromatic Superiority Subverted in that each class has its own color arrangement rather than all following the one pattern.
  • Zeroes and Ones Likewise, the short story Von Goon's Gambit tells the tale of a chess player who discovers a certain arrangement of chess pieces creates an alternating pattern of light and dark which constitutes a computer program that crashes the human mind.
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