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Arrive verb – To get to a destination.
Occur is a synonym for arrive in event topic. In some cases you can use "Occur" instead a verb "Arrive", when it comes to topics like happen, appear.
Nearby Words: arrival, arrived, arriving
Synonyms for Arrive


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Occur verb – To take place.
Arrive is a synonym for occur in appear topic. Sometimes you can use "Arrive" instead a verb "Occur".
Nearby Words: occurrence, occurred, occurring, occurence
Synonyms for Occur

Common collocations

number arrive number occur number
moment arrive moment occur moment
time arrive time occur time
way arrive way occur way
Other nouns: minutes, times, seconds.

Both words in one sentence

  • Juffin suggests that setting up a sufficiently specific event to occur some time after you leave and then envisioning yourself to arrive at that event from the Dark Side allows to control the time of your return.
  • Since outside help can't arrive in time, the only person close by to ventilate the place but also contaminate the room is Lynn McGill, who somewhat does this as a way to make up for his own mistake allowing the attack to occur in the first place.
  • Series / Lois and Clark Status Quo Is God: While it starts out looking this way, big changes do occur over the course of the series - Lois learns Clark's secret, they marry, Lex Luthor dies, other Kryptonians arrive on Earth and start a minor war, etc.
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