Arrive and Part


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Arrive verb – To get to a destination.
Part is an antonym for arrive.
Nearby Words: arrival, arrived, arriving
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Part verb – To leave a place often for another.
Usage example: parted with great ceremony but with little preparation for the dangers that lay ahead

Arrive is an antonym for part in topics: break, leave.
Nearby Words: partially, partly
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Similar words of arrive
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Similar words of part
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Common collocations

company arrive company part company
rest arrive rest part rest
way arrive way part way
times arrive times part times
Other nouns: powers.

Both words in one sentence

  • All Part of the Show Her neighbour, Professor Gladstone, suddenly dies, and everyone, thinking it's part of the show, stays in character, even after the police arrive.
  • Film / Superman II Canon Immigrant / Ret Canon: It actually took the better part of thirty years for these versions of the evil Kryptonian characters to arrive in the comics.
  • Film / Hostel Shout-Out: When the men in part I arrive at the hostel, Pulp Fiction is playing on the television in the lobby.
    Source: Film / Hostel
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