Articulate and Clear


Articulate adjective - Able to express oneself clearly and well.

Clear is a synonym for articulate in expressive topic. In some cases you can use "Clear" instead the word "Articulate" as an adjective or a verb, when it comes to topics like lucid, clearly.


Clear adjective - Easily seen through.

Articulate is a synonym for clear in lucid topic. You can use "Articulate" instead the word "Clear" as an adjective or a verb, if it concerns topics such as comprehensible.

Nearby Words: clean, cleared, clearly, clearing, clearness

Common collocations

story articulate story clear story

Both words in one sentence

  • Something Something Leonard Bernstein System of a Down's "IEAIAIO" was made for the sole reason of taking this trope to eleven, so as a result, the original REM song sounds really clear and articulate in comparison.
  • Manipulative Editing However, unedited footage showed they had clear, prompt, and articulate answers to her questions.
  • Moment Killer He is, of course, trying to say that Kaylee is the only girl for him, but Kaylee completely misunderstands and Simon's unable to articulate himself well-enough to clear up the confusion.
    Source: Moment Killer
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