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Artillery noun – Large firearms (as cannon or rockets).
Battery is a synonym for artillery in ordnance topic. In some cases you can use "Battery" instead a noun "Artillery", when it comes to topics like guns, weaponry or military unit, big guns. popular alternative
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Battery noun – Group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place.
Artillery is a synonym for battery in group of weapons topic. You can use "Artillery" instead a noun "Battery". popular alternative
Nearby Words: batter, battered, battering
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How words are described

human human artillery human battery
good good artillery good battery
standard standard artillery standard battery
powerful powerful artillery powerful battery
Other adjectives: large, big, little, main, primitive, personal, mobile, makeshift, available, giant, nuclear, coastal, anti-aircraft.

Both words in one sentence

  • Death from Above In the modern era it has only gotten worse, as a battery of modern rocket artillery with just six vehicles can wipe out a battalion of tanks or regiment of infantry in a single firing cycle.
  • Film / Paths of Glory Mireau orders an artillery barrage on his own troops several times over the phone, but the battery commander refuses to execute the order unless it's in writing and signed by the General.
  • Film / Gettysburg And so they moved Hazlet's battery of artillery up there, but Hazlet's dead.... This exchange:General Lee: General Pickett, sir.
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