Ask and Return


Ask verb - To put a question or questions to.

Return is an antonym for ask.

Nearby Words: asked, asking


Return verb - To speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction.
Usage example: when I asked him to sit down to dinner, he returned that he would come when he was good and ready

Ask is an antonym for return in topics: earn, answer, give back, go back.

Nearby Words: returned, returning, returnable, returnee, returner

Common collocations

man ask man return man
people ask people return people
favor ask favor return favor
group ask group return group
Other words: someone, series, time, way, player, everyone, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Fanfic / A Crown of Stars The two of them, their friends and a little fraction of what was supposed to be a huge military force were cut off in the middle of enemy territory with no way to return or ask for reinforcements.
  • Rasputinian Death The second loses its arm and temporarily dies impaled, but manages to return and ask someone to destroy him.
  • Ask nearly any British film critic what they think was the defining Dork Age of the nation's film industry at large, and they will return with one simple answer: the 1930s.
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