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Aspect noun – The feelings expressed on a person's face.
Expression is a synonym for aspect in appearance topic. In some cases you can use "Expression" instead a noun "Aspect", when it comes to topics like bearing, express, air, visible feature. popular alternative
Nearby Word: aspectual
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Expression noun – Facial appearance regarded as an indication of mood or feeling.
Usage example: we could tell by the fans' expressions that the Chicago Cubs had lost again

Aspect is a synonym for expression in look topic. You can use "Aspect" instead a noun "Expression", if it concerns topics such as bearing, appearance, express, air. popular alternative
Nearby Words: express, expressive, expressed, expressly, expressionless
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How words are described

emotional emotional aspect emotional expression
similar similar aspect similar expression
usual usual aspect usual expression
common common aspect common expression
Other adjectives: complete, true, popular, actual, real, little, cute, famous, religious, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Perhaps the peace loving He Who Was created Asmodeus and his army as an aspect of himself, an expression of his ruthless, violent tendencies so that he didn't have to live with them himself.
  • Large Ham / Anime The fact that he yells this with a dandy pose and with an expression of absolute insanity just after he sobbed desperately like a wounded kid emphasizes the spectacular aspect of the scene.
  • Series / Top Gear (US) Then transplant it to America, where the car isn't just a vehicle, but a part of the national identity, a symbol of personal freedom and expression, and an integral aspect of daily life for most of the country.
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