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Aspect noun – A certain way in which something appears or may be regarded.
Usage example: depending on what aspect of college life you consider most important, there are several colleges which might be good for you

Side is a synonym for aspect in feature topic. In some cases you can use "Side" instead a noun "Aspect", when it comes to topics like face, perspective, element to consider. popular alternative
Nearby Word: aspectual
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Side noun – A certain way in which something appears or may be regarded.
Usage example: examined the problem from all sides

Aspect is a synonym for side in point of view topic. You can use "Aspect" instead a noun "Side", if it concerns topics such as face, edge, surface, perspective. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sided, sideline, sidewards, sideband
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How words are described

emotional emotional aspect emotional side
female female aspect female side
physical physical aspect physical side
positive positive aspect positive side
Other adjectives: romantic, small, entire, bad, cute, new, political, negative, different, demonic, comedic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Yet it must be pointed out that Gundam 00 was heavy on the All There in the Manual aspect and the side documents explained that the Trinities resorting to extreme measures and having sociopathic natures were not of their own intentions, but rather as a result of their development.
  • Then, either Kafuka or Chiri shows up to show the positive side of the aspect of society or comment on the aspect of society's proper/ improperness.
  • Author Avatar All of Matt Santoro's clones represent a certain aspect of Matt's real life personality: Eugene represents Matt's nerdy side, Hugo represents Matt's goofy side, etc.
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