Assassinate and Kill


Assassinate verb - To put to death deliberately.
Usage example: Marat was assassinated by Charlotte Corday

Kill is a synonym for assassinate in murder topic. In some cases you can use "Kill" instead a verb "Assassinate", when it comes to topics like action, criminality, slaughter, slay. popular alternative


Kill verb - To deprive of life.
Usage example: during the war more soldiers were killed by disease than anything else

Assassinate is a synonym for kill in murder topic. You can use "Assassinate" instead a verb "Kill", if it concerns topics such as slay, destroy, criminality, slaughter. popular alternative

Nearby Words: killing, killed, killer

Common collocations

person assassinate person kill person
character assassinate character kill character
man assassinate man kill man
guy assassinate guy kill guy
Other words: people, men, children, family, someone, way, characters, king, boss, mother, father, brother, target, anyone, son, friends, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Historically, "slay" meant "cause the death of, including justifiably", while "kill" meant "murder"... and "murder" meant "assassinate"; the coinage of "assassinate" by Shakespeare probably contributed to the definition-creep of the other words.
  • He may kill babies, assassinate kings, and plot to take over the world, but many a Lawful Evil villain will never engage in wanton slaughter to no purpose and will never break his word.
  • The Faceless Men do not "kill", "murder" or "assassinate".
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