Assemble and Destroy


Assemble verb - To form by putting together parts or materials.
Usage example: it took a lot more time to assemble the model train set than the box said it would

Destroy is an antonym for assemble in put together topic.


Destroy verb - To bring to a complete end the physical soundness, existence, or usefulness of.
Usage example: their poor scores on the final exam destroyed any chance they might have had to pass the course

Assemble is an antonym for destroy.

Nearby Words: destroyed, destroyer, destroying

Common collocations

people assemble people destroy people
body assemble body destroy body
station assemble station destroy station
rest assemble rest destroy rest
Other words: base, army, way, machine, tower, weapon, ship, fleet, armor, forces, robots.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Metroid Prime Trilogy Nuclear Option: To destroy the shield on the Elysia Seed, you need to assemble and deploy a Theronian Thermonuclear Warhead.
  • When the Na'vi assemble an army for war, the RDA tries to destroy the Tree of Souls to break their spirit.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One The Turtles go back in time with this verse's version of Honeycutt to obtain the pieces and destroy them before the device could be assembled, but the Triceratons are able to assemble it anyway.
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