Associate and Colleague


Associate noun - A person frequently seen in the company of another.
Usage example: a number of his associates were members of organized crime, so he was a person of interest to the FBI

Colleague is a synonym for associate in partner topic. In some cases you can use "Colleague" instead a noun "Associate", when it comes to topics like fellow, comrade, connect, co-operator. popular alternative


Colleague noun - A fellow worker.
Usage example: on her first day at work her colleagues went out of their way to make her feel welcome
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Synonyms for Colleague

Associate is a synonym for colleague in fellow worker topic. You can use "Associate" instead a noun "Colleague", if it concerns topics such as person, friend, fellow, comrade. popular alternative

How words are described

close close associate close colleague
old old associate old colleague
female female associate female colleague
young young associate young colleague
Other adjectives: criminal, personal, new, professional, senior, well-known, late, wounded, former, junior, mysterious, Indian, long-time.
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