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Assumed adjective – Lacking in natural or spontaneous quality.
Usage example: the salesclerk's assumed friendliness vanished as soon as I assured her I was just looking

False is a synonym for assumed in supposed topic. In some cases you can use "False" instead an adjective "Assumed", when it comes to topics like pretended.
Nearby Words: assumption, assuming
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False adjective – Lacking in natural or spontaneous quality.
Usage example: so much of the sympathy that the widow received was false and hypocritical, since it came from people who never liked her husband in the first place

Assumed is a synonym for false in fake topic. You can use "Assumed" instead an adjective "False", if it concerns topics such as supposed.
Nearby Words: falsify, falsehood, falsity, falseness, falsification
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Things that words describes

identity assumed identity false identity
message assumed message false message
identities assumed identities false identities

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Prisoner (1967) In the episode "Many Happy Returns", Number 6 called himself "Peter Smith", but this could be an assumed/false name.
  • Their existence in The Traveling Vampire Show is open to debate, but generally assumed to be false as the star of the vampire show bleeds and has a heartbeat.
  • Bomb Girls has Kate who, having recently gotten a job at the factory after escaping her abusive father, needs fake documents to keep her job since she has assumed a false identity.
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