Asunder and Split


Asunder adjective - Widely separated especially in space.
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Split and asunder are semantically related in apart topic. In some cases you can use "Split" instead the word "Asunder" as an adverb or an adjective.


Split adjective - Disagreeing with each other.

Asunder and split are semantically related in to pieces topic. You can use "Asunder" instead the word "Split" as an adjective or an adverb.

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Both words in one sentence

  • Tragic Dream Moses and Rameses in The Prince of Egypt just want to be brothers again but their conflicting destinies split them asunder.
    Source: Tragic Dream
  • Comic Book / New Gods The final moment came with the fatal release of the indescribable power — which tore the home of the Old Gods asunder — split it in great halves — and filled the universe with the blinding death-flash of its destruction!
  • Poison Is Corrosive: Cao Cao spills a poison meant for him, and "the bricks upon which it fell were split asunder".
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