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Attach verb – Create social or emotional ties.
Bond is a synonym for attach in stick topic. In some cases you can use "Bond" instead a verb "Attach". popular alternative
Nearby Words: attached, attachment, attaching, attachable, attache
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Bond verb – Stick to firmly.
Attach is a synonym for bond in join topic. You can use "Attach" instead a verb "Bond". popular alternative
Nearby Words: bonded, bonding, bondsman, bonder, bondholder
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soul attach soul bond soul

Both words in one sentence

  • Magikarp Power As missions are performed with her and Quiet and Snake's bond grows, the player can attach silencers to her rifles and trade off the lethal ammunition for tranquilizer rounds.
  • Film / Licence to Kill Disturbed Doves: Bond dislodges a few while rappelling to attach plastic explosives next to Sanchez's office window.
  • Film / Goldfinger Continuity Nod: Bond is told that his "attaché case" has been irreparably damaged by Goldfinger's men, by which he seems a bit affected.
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