Attain and Reach


Attain verb - Gain with effort.

Reach is a synonym for attain in achieve topic. In some cases you can use "Reach" instead a verb "Attain", when it comes to topics like action, obtain, do, arrival. popular alternative


Reach verb - Reach a destination, either real or abstract.
Usage example: The water reached the doorstep

Attain is a synonym for reach in achieve topic. You can use "Attain" instead a verb "Reach", if it concerns topics such as arrive at, touch, action, amount to. popular alternative

Nearby Words: reached, reaching, reachable

Common collocations

power attain power reach power
state attain state reach state
position attain position reach position
status attain status reach status
Other words: rank, form, way, speed, level, height, goal, completion, goals, levels, speeds.

Both words in one sentence

  • Every dwarf develops an immensely difficult goal as they reach adulthood, and they will not stop at anything to attain said goal.
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